Seeing the Future Now

In the last blog, we talked about Leonardo da Vinci’s personal motto of Sapere Vedere – believing is seeing. We think that for estate planning, believing then seeing is key for a successful transition. It creates an opportunity to make your children, grandchildren and others aware in advance of what you want.

From your heir’s standpoint, they, of course, have a lot of questions about how this whole estate thing works: How do things transfer? What are these trusts? How does a will work? What are the taxes, the ramifications? There is a lot of those kinds of things.

College Funding for Grandchildren

We have lots of great experiences with our clients here at Coyle Financial. But probably the greatest one is when we get a call about them becoming new grandparents. They’re very excited about their new grandchild – best thing that has happened in their life. A substantial life-changer.

But the interesting thing that happens, almost within a breath of announcing this new grandchild, is they say: “You know, I’m really concerned about their college.  How can I go about funding for their college?  What can I do?”