‘Tis the Season Around the World

We all have our holiday traditions, things we tend to look forward to every year (and perhaps a few we could live without!). For some, it’s a specific type of Christmas cookie that has been in the family for generations. For others, it could be an event, like attending the local version of “A Christmas Carol” play with the whole family. Maybe it’s the way you spend Christmas morning, either letting every person rip open their presents all at once, or painstakingly watching each person open their gifts one at a time.

Whatever traditions

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017

This is a special blog post on the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act 2017.Follow this link if you would like to read the two page summary from December 15, 2017 by the House Ways and Means Committee.

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Get in to Your Work Flow

Key Takeaways

  • The concept of “flow” is a highly focused mental state that is something you want to bring in to your workplace to increase and streamline your productivity.
  • Through The Strategic Coach® Program’s Entrepreneurial Time System®, you can use a system of three kinds of days to help prioritize your time and get in to a good flow.
  • It’s important to remember that taking time to relax and rejuvenate helps you increase your overall productivity and slides you more easily in to your work flow.

The Philanthropy Three-Legged Stool

Key Takeaways

  • You can donate your time, talent, or treasure, or all three when it comes to philanthropic causes you are passionate about.
  • If you don’t want to be paid for your services, or you do not have the money to give, working with a non-profit or volunteer group is a great way to give back and is greatly needed in our society.
  • When donating money to a cause, there is a large spectrum of giving, from writing a check, to starting a private foundation, and several steps in between.