My Child Is Finally Working! What’s Next?

Key Takeaways

  • The No. 1 concern of parents and grandparents today is educating their children and grandchildren about money.
  • Millennials have a very different view of life and money than older generations do. They change jobs frequently and don’t expect corporations or the government to help them with retirement. They know they have to be financially self-reliant.
  • Because of large outstanding student loans, even young people with good salaries must still live at home for a while.

Author Your Book in 90 Days

Here’s how to ACE the process

Key Takeaways

  • Authoring a book puts you in select company and positions you as an authoritative expert on your unique niche in the world.
  • Advances in technology and digital publishing have eliminated many of the traditional barriers to book publishing.
  • ACE stands for Authority, Credibility and Exclusivity. It’s how you get your special wisdom and passion out to the world so everyone who reads your book can benefit from it.

Author a Book in 90 Days

You heard that right. 90 days. Sounds kind of unbelievable, but it has been done.

The “90 days” idea was introduced to me by the Strategic Coach® Program about a year ago. As a firm, we did exactly that – completed a book in 90 days.  The experience was a real life changer.

I’ve met a lot of folks who have reached that point personally or professionally. They want to write a book to get ideas out of their heads, ideas they have been thinking about for years. For some authors, it’s about just that – getting it out of their heads.