Do You Need an Attitude Adjustment?

One of the biggest transitions we make in life is going from actively working for a living to active retirement.  This came up again the other day when a client I had been working with for many years came in. Let’s call her Judy. Judy’s husband had retired several years earlier and she was ready to explore her own transition.

In earlier meetings, we had discussed her cash flow, balance sheet and tax situation. She knew that she could retire today.  However, she wanted to work for a couple more years. We had discussed the importance of preparing herself to retire with confidence and renewed purpose, similar to what I discussed in Retirement Yearning, an earlier blog in July.

In Judy’s case, there is one little twist: a new boss.

Changing Health

Changing your health can be a difficult but rewarding battle. The weight loss challenge is an obvious one. Rewarding? All you need to think of is Jared Fogle, the Subway guy turned pitchman. He lost 245 pounds. And he’s kept it off. Nothing short of astonishing. Plus he launched a new career.

Jared may be an extreme but his transition illustrates what most of us go through at some point with our health. This is particularly true as we get older. In many ways the transitions happening with your health are more challenging; often the issue (not the solution) is out of our control. Bad cholesterol or high blood pressure; diabetes or a heart attack.

Retirement Yearning

One way to look at life is in three phases: Learning (through your early twenties); Earning (into your early sixties or beyond), and Yearning (that time after your Earning phase).

I want to focus today on that transition that takes place between Earning and Yearning. I’ll also discuss a quick exercise that you can use to help plan for that next phase. But first a quick story.