Start Off the New Year with Simplicity

Key Takeaways

  • When life becomes very complex, it’s hard to simplify anything, which can cause frustration and a feeling of getting nowhere.
  • Instead of a New Year’s resolution, focus on your biggest frustration and figure out how to bring it from a complex state, to its most simple form.
  • Use a company or service, or turn to family and friends, to help you simplify a complex frustration you have.

The Joys of Failing Forward

Key Takeaways

  • There is often an attitude with adults when it comes to trying something new, where you try it once, you fail, and you don’t attempt it again.
  • When we are young, we tend to fail forward often as we learn the ropes in life, but as we enter adulthood and become established in our careers, we forget what it’s like and become afraid of failure.
  • The idea of failing forward is lifelong learning at its best; it helps you learn new skills, and keeps your mind active and engaged in to your later years.

Unplug to Unwind

Key Takeaways

  • Vacations are an important part of ensuring you have the time to reset and recharge your batteries to get back to work refreshed and ready for what’s next.
  • Today’s constant connectivity with smart devices means many people don’t truly disconnect during their vacations and end up never fully recharging.
  • Try an old-style vacation with no TV or smart devices to really disconnect during your vacation.

From Financial Planning to Natural Disaster Planning

On August 28th, 1990, my wife and I were hit by a Level 5 Tornado in Plainfield, IL which killed 29 people and injured 353 others. The community was devastated, our first home was destroyed, and we lost several people in our neighborhood to this storm. This tornado became known as one of the worst on record, and there was almost no time to prepare for the destruction this storm wreaked on the southwest suburbs of Chicago.

Two years to almost the day (August 30, 1992), my wife’s family (living in Miami at the time) had a direct hit by Hurricane Andrew. Their homes were