Understanding Your Natural Instincts

Everyone has a different way of solving problems and getting things done. The more you understand people’s natural tendencies, the more effectively you can work, hire, innovate and grow.

Key Takeaways

  • We all have specific things that we really like to do, and a natural way of doing them.
  • IQ tests tell you what you can do. Personality tests tell you what you want to do. Kolbe profiles tell you what you really will (or won’t) do.
  • Experts say there are three distinct parts to the mind: Cognitive, Affective and Conative.

Avoiding a “Kodak Moment”

The ability to recognize that the winds have shifted and take action ‘before you wreck your boat’ is crucial to the future of an enterprise—and to individuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Being paranoid and proactive can be positive attributes as you navigate through life and your working career.
  • Think of yourself as a one-person corporation. What skills do you need to change in order to move forward in your career and in life?
  • Creative destruction doesn’t just wreak havoc for large corporations; it impacts anyone with a job or business to run.
  • Don’t ever stop learning or stop expanding your network and skills

Embracing Failure

The other day I was watching an interview with Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5. He’s been incredibly successful. In the interview, he was talking about his beginnings.

He came out of high school with a recording contract for his band called Kara’s Flowers. They thought they were going to make it big and they bombed.  Adam talked about how they regrouped and renamed the band. They added a fifth member and came out with Maroon 5. The rest is history.  They failed first and moved forward. 

Continual Learning for Business Leaders

We know that continual learning is critical for keeping your company healthy and growing. Today I want to cover some approaches for you, the business leader, to consider.

There are a couple of programs, somewhat structured, that you may already be involved with. There is YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) and Vistage (formerly called Tek). There’s the Strategic Coach® program as well as other executive and personal coaching programs. Lots of different options to choose from.