Bank on Your Children’s Retirement

Transition of interest rates for transitions in life

Key Takeaways

  • The historically low interest rates we’ve enjoyed since the start of the Great Recession are finally starting to creep up.
  • If you’re considering an important rate-sensitive transaction in your life, now is the time to act.
  • Being a friendly family “banker” can be a great estate and retirement planning strategy that also helps the next generation—just make sure you consult a financial advisor about the pros and cons first.

Seeing the Future Now

In the last blog, we talked about Leonardo da Vinci’s personal motto of Sapere Vedere – believing is seeing. We think that for estate planning, believing then seeing is key for a successful transition. It creates an opportunity to make your children, grandchildren and others aware in advance of what you want.

From your heir’s standpoint, they, of course, have a lot of questions about how this whole estate thing works: How do things transfer? What are these trusts? How does a will work? What are the taxes, the ramifications? There is a lot of those kinds of things.

Sapere Vedere — For Estate Plans

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with having invented over 500 years ago the airplane, the helicopter, the crane, and the parachute, as well as many other extraordinary innovations. His paintings of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper and his sculptures are some of the best-known works of art.

Da Vinci had a personal motto: Sapere Vedere. He credited this with driving many of his life-long innovations.  Sapere means knowing; vedere means seeing.  Sapere  Vedere roughly means “believing is seeing.” It’s a stark contrast from Missouri’s reputation as the “Show Me” state, where “seeing is believing.”