No Second Chances

About a week ago, I was at a kiosk, getting my boarding pass to fly back from New York. There’s this young Japanese couple nearby; I could tell that they were really frustrated. They were asking for help and they weren’t getting much attention.

They quickly come up to the agent and say “Hey, we’re going to miss our flight. We’ve been here a half an hour; we’ve been asking for help, but nobody’s helping us.” The agent says very calmly, “Now, remain very calm and we will get to you. Nothing will get done if you continue to be excited and trying to badger us to help you out. “

From Money to Meaning

When I was six years old, I remember walking up the sidewalk to my local library in Solvay, New York and seeing this huge building, and a strange name I couldn’t pronounce. Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie.

After a little research recently, I found out that the Carnegie Foundation along with Solvay Process Company had built the library in 1905. From 1883 to 1929, the Carnegie Foundation funded the construction of over 2,500 libraries.

As a kid, my first impression of Andrew Carnegie was this great man who brought this wonderful library to me and, as it turns out, to six generations of people in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.  That’s phenomenal if you think about it.

Lucky is as Lucky Does

When you hear the word luck, you often think of something that happens completely outside of your control. Pure luck, like winning the lottery or, on the downside, being struck by lightning.

Here’s another way to think of luck. I heard it a long time ago from Paul Harvey on one of his famous radio shows:

Luck is when chance meets opportunity

It’s a twist on the saying ‘luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity.’ I really was struck by his phrase.  In fact, I couldn’t get it out of my head for almost a year.  I kept thinking, what does he mean when chance meets opportunity? Here are a couple of stories that tell it best.

New Name, New Focus

We’ve refocused and renamed our blog: Money Changes Life, Life Changes Money.

90% of the folks that we meet with and those that become clients have had some major change.

A major transition was taking place in their lives at the time they contacted us.

This blog will speak to many of those changes – those issues that were of the greatest concern at the time they came in. During those times, people usual find themselves frustrated, confused and surrounded by complex questions that they need to work through. Some people will feel powerless.