Avoiding a “Kodak Moment”

The ability to recognize that the winds have shifted and take action ‘before you wreck your boat’ is crucial to the future of an enterprise—and to individuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Being paranoid and proactive can be positive attributes as you navigate through life and your working career.
  • Think of yourself as a one-person corporation. What skills do you need to change in order to move forward in your career and in life?
  • Creative destruction doesn’t just wreak havoc for large corporations; it impacts anyone with a job or business to run.
  • Don’t ever stop learning or stop expanding your network and skills

A Corporation of One

A job defines us. I know mine defines me.

Sometimes that can run right by us. I think about folks who worked making buggy whips or carburetors or the Polaroid camera. I think of the hundreds of thousands of people at Kodak that had their world changed over the past decade, well before the company declared bankruptcy last year.