The Confident Rider: Driving Behavioral Change in Your Business

Change can be a confidence killer but behavioral change is definitely a confidence killer.

What is behavioral change? Think back to the 90’s – when you were away for lunch, your missed calls would be written on a piece of paper and you would then return the calls.

Then e-mail arrived, completely changing how and when we respond to people.  It required a whole new system – a new behavior – of how to work with e-mail day in and day out. There were a whole set of steps that occurred slowly over a period of time. Some of those steps were difficult. So, behavioral change is where we have to change substantively from what we currently do to something new and probably uncomfortable.

The world today

Adaptive Estates

Key Takeaways

  • Big life changes involve both technical challenges and adaptive challenges.
  • Change becomes harder as you get older.
  • With estate planning, you don’t want to pass along just your money, but also the values that go along with it.

Confidence is King

One of the biggest killers of business is low confidence. We succeed mainly because we believe we will succeed. Confidence is really about a frame of mind.

Michael Phelps is best known for winning 22 Olympic medals over three Olympics, 18 being gold. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics he won the gold in the 200 meter Butterfly after his glasses filled with water halfway through the race. He was asked how he was able to maintain his composure and go on to win the race swimming virtually blind. He stated that his coach had him practice without lights in a dark pool to maintain a high level of confidence and preparedness.

Words of wisdom well executed.

Many crises have derailed our

Investing—History Repeats Itself

Looking for clues from Buffett to Clews—8 keys to success

Key Takeaways

  • No matter how much information and advice investors have at their disposal, they continue to make the same mistakes.
  • From novices to Wall Street professionals, we tend to underestimate the difficulty of investing successfully and consistently.
  • Humans are by nature emotional and irrational. That’s a toxic combination when it comes to our money.